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The Dabble Story

Once upon a time, there was a lover of beauty. As a young princess, she affirmed that when she grew up, she would make her living as a makeup artist. She held this dream close to her heart and she journeyed through the endless labyrinth of life. 


 During her years at university, she found herself beautifying every beautiful person, place and thing around her. She took pride in putting smiles on the faces of her closest friends and family members. During her last year of university, humans from far and wide began hearing of her work and requested an appointment for their special events. What began as a small fiery passion, grew into a dream come true. 


Sonjia Flowers Makeup was born in 2012. The lover of beauty was officially in business! She began working with brides and graduating seniors. With each client, she incorporated a new concept to her services. She added the Beauty Trial in 2013, which proved to have been the best thing for both the clients and the artist. This created an opportunity to foster a budding relationship with each person and truly provide the best service possible. 


In 2013, the idea of a name change to Dare to Dabble came to mind. The word “Dare” came from the courage and confidence that often emerges after one is taught how to achieve their desired look. The intention behind “Dabble” originated from stepping outside of your comfort zone to try something new, as well as, the artist’s love for the entire spectrum of makeup. 


Finally, a year later, the simplicity that is Dabble Beauty came to life. It still conveyed the same message and rolled off the tongue as effortlessly as water. Dabble Beauty is a magical queendom where all can freely express themselves without fear of judgement or being overshadowed.


The Queendom continues to innovate and evolve for the sake of all things beauty. The lover of beauty continues to fulfill her life’s passion of beautifying every person, place or thing that she encounters. 

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